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How we run it?

Our Philosophy

Forming meaningful change through shaping future leaders by equipping them with practical leadership skills, whilst reinforcing and honouring their cultural heritage. With adventure and exploration, we lean into entertainment-based training events. Challenger Team’s philosophy is based on the following four pillars:

Practical Experiential Training

Our programs depend greatly on the concept of learning-by-doing; in other words, hands-on practical training. It helps our participants realize and utilize their inherent skills by applying them to real-life circumstances. This pillar involves both indoor and outdoor applied training.

Adventure & Exploration

Our programs engage Mother Nature through recreational activities in order to foster leadership attributes symbolized in trust, self-confidence, team harmony, and behavioural transformation playoffs.

Cultural Learning

Our programs draw on the values, heritage, and traditions of the participants. By highlighting role-model legacies and illustrating various eras, we help participants get a better understanding of leadership qualities and techniques.


“Happiness” is an integral element for the success of our programs. Studies show that when participants are having fun, they learn and engage more deeply. We strive to deliver fun programs intended to increase levels of engagement and benefits for our participants.

Our Methodology

Our programs are completely customizable according to the group size, budget, duration, desired activity, and objective. To ensure success, we recognize the power of leadership reinforcement and instil it in individuals. This is done through the implementation of a set of methodologies that foster soft and hard skills in order to produce short-term and long-term impacts. We tackle problem-oriented ideas, use research to come up with possible solutions, and then move on to implement these programs with a set of finished products and services that ultimately shape leaders.

Our Experience

We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with everyone we have worked with. Our extensive experience in human resources training and sustainable organizational development with both public and private sectors locally and internationally speaks for itself. As does our track record, which attests to our contribution to shaping communities of leaders that uphold their heritage and are open to the latest advancements in human development and capacity-building research. This is in part due to the unique talent of our dynamic team’s values and capacity to understand the whole picture while maintaining focus on specific objectives.

We understand that successful enterprises depend on the effectiveness of systems and workforce at all levels within the organization. Therefore, by exploiting leading strategic development methodologies, we capitalize on the power of reinforcement and devising a comprehensive set of solutions to ensure lasting results.

Ultimately, our effectiveness is in large part due to our ability to provide -and build- resources  that have the expertise to deliver turnkey services starting from research to the provision of finished products and services. We are committed to turning the “state-of-the-art” into the “state-of-the-practice.”