The acronym TEAM stands for Training Employees and Managers. TEAM is a specialized unit catering to employees and senior managers to enhance the skills of the staff. Challenger Team customizes special programs that meet the needs of the staff in accordance with the mission statement of the institution. We offer a range of consultations and training services facilitated by our multilingual experts to organizations in both private and public sectors. These services incorporate numerous programs, some of which include:

  • Learning needs analysis
  • Business skills
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Soft and hard skills
  • Sales and marketing
  • HRM and organizational development
  • Customer care
  • Project management
  • Economic growth
  • Youth capacity building and development.

Experiential and Practical Training Programs

Practical training is a learning-based activity that focuses on trainees’ needs. It is an active learning process in which participants learn how to tackle tasks in real life as one team. The key advantage of experiential training is that it results in noticeable improvement in participants as they develop personal understanding of the learning process relevant to them.

Experiential training can be conducted indoors and/or outdoors.

Corporate Retreat Programs

Working in teams for the purposes of “bonding” is the target of all leaders and managers in any institution. Our role is to provide venues of training programs to help enhance teamwork amongst employers and employees.

The Team-Building Adventure Retreat is designed for organizations to reinforce teamwork concepts. In our corporate retreat programs, our clients spend their time learning in an active manner, with special focus on enhancing creativity, performance, innovation, and problem-solving and challenge-tackling skills.

Our retreat programs enable participants to realize their full potential as productive leaders, leaving them with a sense of collective accomplishment.

In-class Instructor Course

Our training classes cover fundamental concepts and modern trends in business skills. Case studies, research, practical applications, and study tours help participants build a better skill set that can be applied in their daily work.