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Partners and Resources

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We are an approved and recognized company for providing education by the Institute of Leadership and Management “ILM, UK” & Martin Thompson Learning “MTa”. It is an awarding body for leadership and management qualifications in the UK. It is also a professional membership body for leaders and managers in the UK – providing a wide range of career support services to members. ILM qualifications are practically designed to complement the individual’s role at work. This enables us to provide organizations with certified and internationally-recognized programs. These programs help improve an organization’s leadership, management, performance, and productivity through continuing education and professional development.

In 2014, Challenger Team became the exclusive distributor in the Middle East for MXJ Adventurer, a world class company specializing in the production of rope courses, theme parks, and leadership training equipment. We have both indoor and outdoor rope courses.

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In 2015, Challenger Team became a certified member of The International Camping Fellowship (ICF). The ICF has over 3000 organizations and camps around the world, with the primary objective of encouraging and facilitating bilateral and multilateral exchanges worldwide. ICF aims to stimulate efforts to achieve international understanding and global living, leadership, and ecological action through organized camping and outdoor experience.

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Challenger Team provides a unique international program through our partnership in the UK with Belgravia Advisors, a full-service consultancy company that aims to provide a variety of helpful resources and invaluable support to locals and expats wishing to pursue business or education in the UK.

Our partnership with Travel Camps International made it possible to provide edutainment and summer camps programs around Europe. They own camps in Portugal (Campo Aventura Junior Resort) and in Switzerland (Alpine Summer Camp). Travel Camps International are renowned, nationally and internationally, for their commitment to quality work and unique offerings.

WEER consultancy and Challenger Team partnership in UAE was established in 2018, we are providing our clients with tailor made services through our wide experience in the field of Leadership, behavioral change, training, consultancy and capacity building

Jordan Speed Center

JSC offers a professional exclusive outdoor facility for karting and zipline adventure, Challenger team joined JSC as an operating partner for the newest adventure in Amman “SkyRide Adventure”.